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Registration for our fall session opens on Monday, July 8th at 7am!

"Our mission is to develop life-long cyclists in an environment of team camaraderie"

Orcutt Kids Club and Race Team

Orcutt Kids Bike Club

Orcutt Kids Bike Club is a mountain bike development program for kids 3-18 years old, with sessions in the fall and in the spring. The organization is split up in groups, based on age and skill level. 

The mission of Orcutt Kids Bike Club is to develop each individual rider into a life-long cyclist. The program is arranged in a building block style to increase interest in cycling and to promote each athlete in a positive environment through the sport of cycling. Skill development is an important part of each group curriculum- as is learning about the sport in a fun and supportive environment.

How we started

Orcutt Kids Bike Club (OKBC) began with three moms and their kids meeting up for bike rides. After seeing that the kids enjoyed riding much more with their friends, the moms began to make it a weekly outing. Soon, word spread, and other families asked to join in. Within a year, there were over 15 kids and from there the group continued to grow. 

In 2019, OKBC officially became its own entity, registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is 100% volunteer-led. Today,  Orcutt Kids Bike Club boasts over 100 kids and more than 30 adult coaches and volunteers. Children of all ages are welcome and range from 3-years old to 18-years old. It can be common for the sport of cycling to get overshadowed by the more traditional sports of baseball and basketball, but OKBC strives to create a fun and exciting place for kids to learn to love the exciting sport of mountain biking. 

The three moms

Before we became a non-profit

Before we became a non-profit

Meet the Team

We look forward to meeting you!

Julie Silva


Phone: 805-260-0556